Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Fieldmouse photo shoot

Did a little photo shoot this evening, with some of my stuff! I needed a natural lighting "collage" for the website! Anywho, I love black & whites, Even though you cant see the colors of the signs you still get the idea. I'll go through them and do some cropping and such tomorrow and figure out which one will work best...or perhaps i'll take a survey. Oakie Doke, nighty night, I'm determined to get to be before 3 a.m. tonight :)

Monday, May 25, 2009

Setting up a "shopping cart"

Yeah! Well kinda! I created this cuteness! A kind of "Logo" perhaps? I just love this image of a little fieldmouse, originally it was a colored photo. Look what I did with a little help of a few computer programs! What do you think? So that was the "Yeah", the "Well kinda" is because I created this to be an image on my shopping cart and as of right now it's not showing up, Perhaps it will be like the rest of the album (i had to set up to get the URL) and take a full day to appear before the world. So we'll see! So yes, inspite of what the job i thought I was making easier for myself by doing the whole, I'll settle with a web template thing evidently there's this whole setting up the shopping cart thingy too! And me being me I can't just have you come from what will be a bright and colorful page to some check-out thats not screaming fun, bright, happy, & loving life. So here I sit again trying to figure out codes for cuteness! Wish me luck, say a prayer and if you happen to have previous experience at this sorta thing feel free to pick up the phone! :)

Thursday, May 21, 2009

I've entered the world of blogging

Oakie Doakie, Here we go! And i'm off into Blogspace! After peeking every now in then on several friends Blogs and always being excited to see what they're up to both in there personal and 'stampin' lives, i've decided to dive in! I also made the jump to get a website up and running! With any luck i'm hoping to introduce you to my site in somewhere around then next 15 days! We'll see...I've turned this job over to someone else for website design, after much contemplation. You see, if you read my "about me" you already know i've got a few issues. I had played around with the idea of designing my own, I don't lack vision, I just lack the mad web building skills. Not the want to learn either, just don't really have the time to pick up this skill currently. And with summer break quickly and excitedly approaching, I don't see the time issue being cleared. So perhaps that will come later! Anywho...the website will be for..drum roll please... THE POLKADOT FIELDMOUSE! You see i've done craft shows and such in the past and have often had my crafty projects running through my mind with their business potential. So I've done it, with the support of many friends and my family. The orders through word of mouth have been keeping me busy, but these people are being asked where they can get this "Cuteness" (or at least thats what I call it). So business card and the website are on the way! Please keep me in your prayers, While I am excited about potential success, I'm also scared...You see, First and foremost I'm the Mommy of 2 incredible little boys (Chase & Reef) and pray that i'm able to create boundaries that allow me to "work" a business and still be there 100% for my guys.